Expectativas de inversionistas

Oraculus presenta los resultados de la encuesta bimestral Credit Suisse/Buendía & Laredo sobre expectativas económicas de inversionistas institucionales en México y el extranjero.

Obstacles Undermining the Return of Investments

From the most important to least important, which do you think are the three main issues that could undermine the return of your investments in Mexican financial assets?

Current juncture

Set of questions asked only once or on an irregular basis.


Date of data collection: May 22 – June 03, 2019.

Sampling frame: Institutional investors based in Mexico and abroad.

Sample size: 86 completed interviews (54 Mexico-based investors and 32 investors abroad).

Type of sample: Non-probability sample.

Interviewing mode: Web survey with a structured questionnaire.

Data processing and adjustments: Results represent unweighted relative frequencies for each response category.

Design, Data collection and analysis: Buendía & Laredo, S.C.

Not all figures may add up to 100% as a result of multiple response formats, rounding, and exclusion of ‘don’t know’ responses.